GoPro Hero 3 – Even Better, Again.

Just received the latest GoPro in store, along with their POS display stand, The most impressive piece of POS I’ve ever seen!

As for the Cameras, 2x as powerful, almost half the size and 3 different spec oprions.

The White edition kicks off the range with features just below the old Hero 2 camera, 1080p with 30 fps and 5mp still photos. Built in Wi-Fi enables the use of a remote to record from up to 600 feet away, this also allows the use of the new GoPro app, allowing users the use of their phone as a viewfinder. This is the entry level camera which will be readily available pretty much everywhere!

The Silver edition ups the ante with an ultra-wide 1080p 30 fps and 11mp still photos, built in Wi-Fi included, these will only be available from selected retailers.

The Black edition is the all singing all dancing model of the range, boasting ultr-wide 1440p 48 fps! and 12mp still photos with 30 photos a second! this is almost as imprerssive as a high end DSLR camera. The built in Wi-Fi is couples with the addition of the Wi-Fi remote in the package. This will also only be available through selected retailers.

All Cameras come with a waterproof housing and a selection of mount options.

With a huge array of add-ons and accessories, GoPro is THE best wearable action camera available on the market.

Silver editions available now, in-store and online, with the Black edition coming late November.

Check them out – or


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